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"...great resource for parents."  --Welcome Home

"...an antidote for car trip boredom."  --Toronto Sun

"...great for the mobile family."  --Travel Holiday

"Oh, cool."  --10-year-old

"Vacation car treks with kids can be heck on wheels, but not when the family-mobile carries Miles of Smiles.  --Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Games run the gamut in age appeal and most can be adapted and played anywhere the family finds itself bored, whether on a bus, train, plane, or ship."  --Lee Daley

"I found this book fun for home as well as in the car.  It contains word games, math problems, and brain teasers...On a scale of 1-10, I would give this book an 8."  --Andrea Swenson, age 12, The Gifted Child Today

"...an ingenious little volume."  --Parents' Press

"This book is so much fun, I'd consider it for adults, as well as for the kids, on a long trip or as entertainment on a rainy day when you are stuck in a vacation cabin at the beach or in the woods."  --Where-To-Guide

"Even my teenager was interested in this one!"  --Our Kids

"Miles of Smiles compiles oodles of ideas to keep troops of any age from mutinying on the road." --San Jose Mercury News

"...distractions for restless young riders."  --Diversion

"...comes to the rescue."  --Diablo magazine

"Miles of Smiles will turn hours of road travel into playful fun time for children and adults as well."  --MotorHome

"...puts smiles in family car miles."  --Marin Family News

"I'd almost given up car travel before finding this great compilation of games and activities that are fun, easy, and appropriate for many age levels.  Keep this one in the glove compartment!"  --Childsplay

"...offers games and activities that have travel-related themes, almost all requiring nothing more than a youngster's imagination."  --Wilson Library Bulletin

"Parents will delight in leading their kids through age- appropriate activities, some of which...encourage problem-solving skills development."  --Children's Bookwatch

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