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About Berkeley and Beyond


About Berkeley and Beyond
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Berkeley and Beyond specializes in covering things to do and places to go in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco in detail, and provides plentiful information on visiting the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area and traveling throughout California and beyond.

Berkeley and Beyond covers food, sightseeing, cultural experiences, and hotels.

Berkeley and Beyond appeals to people of all ages who are looking for new things to see and do. 

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Getting Started
Please e-mail advertising queries or proposals to editor (at) berkeleyandbeyond (dot) com. 

You might want to consider an ad offering a discount or freebie for the reader to print out and bring in.  An expiration date is advised, perhaps coordinated to a few months after the expiration date of your ad.

Advertising Rates and Terms
For listed restaurants, hotels, and attractions, we will trade a small space ad on one page (see below) in return for a two-plus sentence mention of this website and a link on your website.


Ads are for 1 year, payable in advance by Paypal or check.  An ad will appear in the right-hand sidebar column on the home page and on one other page of your choice, plus at additional cost on any other pages agreed upon.  We accept only advertising that is family-friendly. 

300 x 250 pixel rectangular right sidebar ad:  displayed on home page + one additional page of choice, $75/1 year

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Other sizes quoted on request.

New ads are placed at the bottom of the ad block, but above the Adsense ads, and move up as other advertising expires.  Advertising is accepted for 1 year, with renewal at end of term at the then-current price.

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Links are for 1 year, payable in advance by Paypal or check.
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●It can be placed at the end of one of the posts, and can say something like, “The above article is brought to you by xx, the top provider of xx.”
●In order to comply with Google guidelines, the link will be no-follow.

If you are interested in other PR opportunities or product reviews, please read “disclosures” on the
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