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5 Bucket List Train Rides
Veggie Places in Northern California and the World
Top Tea Times Around the World
10 purr-fect places every cat lover must visit

Half Moon Cay

10 reasons why Barbados is the most tantalizing Caribbean Island
Here and There
VIDEO--a song in Parliament Square in Bridgetown
     VIDEO--colorful parade in Bridgetown
     VIDEO--back roads
     VIDEO--changing of the Sentry parade
     VIDEO--inside Harrison’s Cave
     VIDEO--bird raids coffee tray at Hilton Barbados

flag-Bermuda BERMUDA
Something for Everyone in Island Paradise

Churchill--Polar Bear Country  (free login required)
Quebec in Winter + Ice Hotel

Here and There
Easter Island

Beijing--Here and There
     VIDEO--climbing up the Great Wall
     VIDEO--climbing down the Great Wall
     VIDEO--humanity pours through a gate in Forbidden City
     VIDEO--Peking Duck carved in Beijing
Chengdu--Here and There
     VIDEO--antique pepper grinder turns dried red peppers into ground pepper
     VIDEO--not many things are cuter than a baby panda
     VIDEO--panda eating bamboo
     VIDEO--pandas doing what pandas do best
     VIDEO--red pandas eating
     VIDEO--Qin Shan Zhai Restaurant performers
Jiuzhaigou Valley--Here and There
     VIDEO--sesame candy pounders in Tibetan village
     VIDEO--travertine pools at Huanglong National Scenic Reserve in China
     VIDEO--waterfall at Jiuzhaigou Valley national park in Sichuan, China
Shanghai--Here and There
     VIDEO--Shanghai Maglev Train boarding and takeoff
     VIDEO--Shanghai Maglev Train accelerates to full speed in real time
     VIDEO--silk cocoons get soaked
     VIDEO--Chinese dancers sing about fresh air
     VIDEO--Chinese kung fu expert demo
     VIDEO--traditional local dance of Wencheng, China
     VIDEO--traditional tai chi
     VIDEO--zany Peking Opera singer
Wenzhou--Here and There
Why haven’t you heard of this captivating Chinese city of 14 million?
     VIDEO--boat crosses river in Shizhiyan Cliff Scenic Spot
     VIDEO-Chinese rice dough is a lot like play doh
     VIDEO--Dongyuan Printing Village set-up demo
     VIDEO--Nanxi River bamboo rafting-part 1
     VIDEO--Nanxi River bamboo rafting--part 2
     VIDEO--spectacular foggy dessert pudding
     VIDEO--why hand-pulled noodles cost more
Xi’an--Here and There
Best Souvenirs of China
Hong Kong--Traveling Solo

Kura Hulanda Museum and Hotel

flag-United Arab EmiratesDUBAI
Here and There
VIDEO--aerosol street muralist
VIDEO--singing Arab tea maker

flag-United Kingdom-sml 1ENGLAND
Here and There
Lake District--The Other Potter
West Sussex--Romantic Castle Stay
London--Here and There
     Sleeping Around London:  My favorite London Hotels
     Tea for Two

Here and There
Viti Levu--Here and There
Kula Eco Park--VIDEO--retired TV star Charlie the cockatoo
     Mana Island Resort--VIDEO--arrival
     Radisson Bleu Resort--VIDEO--arrival bula drum
     Radisson Bleu Resort--VIDEO--lighting the tiki torches
     VIDEO--Rony’s voice is truly and instrument of wonder
     Shangri-La Resort--VIDEO--Drum Story pt.1
     Shangri-La Resort--VIDEO--Drum Story pt.2
     Shangri-La Resort--VIDEO--Drum Story pt. 3
     Lawai Village--VIDEO--ladies perform fan dance
     Outrigger--VIDEO--bula! guy says hello
     Outrigger--VIDEO--employees sing good-bye, Fiji farewell song "Isa Lei"
Taveuni Island--Here and There
     Crowing about Fiji
     VIDEO--church choir
     VIDEO--how to grate a coconut
     VIDEO--how to husk a coconut
     VIDEO--how to open a coconut
     VIDEO--how to put foods in a lovo oven
     VIDEO--how to wrap chickens beautifully for the lovo oven
     VIDEO--paved road ramble through the jungle
     VIDEO--paved road ramble along the coast
     Southern Blowhole--VIDEO
     Tavoro Waterfalls--VIDEO--swimming
     Waitavala waterslide--VIDEO--getting to the starting point
     Waitavala waterslide--VIDEO--sliding down the rest
     Vuna Village--VIDEO--kava root presentation to acting chief
Yasawa Island
     VIDEO--just another day in paradise
     VIDEO--smooth landing on grass runway
     VIDEO--smooth takeoff from grass runway
     VIDEO--wiggling kids in church

Paris--Bargain Beds

Here and There
Fairy Tale Road
VIDEO--Sorbian town in Upper Lusatia
      VIDEO--long intro to short Sorbian song
Berlin--Here and There
Dresden--Here and There
     Frauenkirche--VIDEO--choir performance
     Zwinger museum--VIDEO--costumed court procession
Leipzig--Here and There
Munich--Here and There
     VIDEO--festive Munich drinking hall
          VIDEO--inside an Oktoberfest tent
          VIDEO--inside the Oktoberfest HofbrauTent
Regensburg--Here and There

Here and There

Everything's Coming Up Tulips

Budapest--Gellert Thermal Baths

     Geysir Hot Springs--Litli Geysir-VIDEO
     Geysir Hot Springs--Strokkur Geysir erupts--VIDEO
     Gullfoss/Golden Falls-VIDEO
     Gullfoss/Golden Falls in Iceland, take threE--VIDEO
     Gullfoss/Golden Falls in Iceland, take two--VIDEO
     "Reactive Wall" interactive art exhibit at art museuM--VIDEO
The Northeast
     Icelandic horse demonstrates the famous tolt gait-VIDEO
     Sunshine Pancakes: tea time in Iceland--VIDEO
     VIDEO--simulated waves with the names of French fisherman

Bali--Here and There
     Batubulan Village--VIDEO--barong creature cavorts in Indonesian dance
     Batubulan Village-VIDEO-women perform exotic Indonesian dance
     Jatiluwih rice terraces--VIDEO--separating out rice from stalks. 1
     Jatiluwih rice terraces--VIDEO--separating out rice from stalks. 2
     Taman Nusa Indonesian cultural park--VIDEO-- traditional music & costume of Java
     Vasanti Seminyak Resort Bali--VIDEO-- traditional Indonesian music in lobby 
Flores Island--Here and There
     Melo Village--VIDEO--men sing and dance
     Melo Village--VIDEO--musical greeting from women
     Melo Village-VIDEO-traditional stick dance
Komodo Island

9+-Day tinerary
Adare--Here and There
Cong--Here and There
     Ashford Castle--VIDEO--arrival
     Ashford Castle--VIDEO--meet Dingle the owl
     Ashford Castle--VIDEO--hawk walk with Inca
     Ashford Castle--VIDEO--how to release a hawk
     Ashford Castle--VIDEO-- hawk Inca makes a spectacular return to the glove
Dingle Peninsula--Here and There
     Dingle--Sullivan's Courthouse Pub--VIDEO--traditional Irish music
Dublin--Here and There
     The Merrion hotel--VIDEO--Art Tea
     O'Neill's pub-VIDEO--1st ditty
     O'Neill's pub-VIDEO--2nd ditty
Saint Brigid’s Well-VIDEO


Here and There
Akko--VIDEO--restless sea hitting seawall
     VIDEO--souk spice shop sale
Galilee area--Here and There
     VIDEO--bottling kosher wine
     VIDEO--cozy goat barn nursery, no kidding
     VIDEO--goat barn
     VIDEO--making cookies in an Israeli bakery
Jerusalem--Here and There
     Mahane Yehuda market--VIDEO--cheese tasting
     Mount of Olives--VIDEO--Asian pilgrims singing
Nazareth--VIDEO--Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
     Mary's Well--VIDEO--inside Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
Tel Aviv--Here and There

Here and There
Ajijic--Here and There
Copper Canyon--Here and There
Cuernavaca--Here and There
     VIDEO--La Universal restaurant--view of downtown Cuernavaca
Guadalajara--Here and There
     Corona Factory--VIDEO--Drummers brigade
     Tequila Express train-VIDEO--kids band at station
     Tequila Express train--VIDEO--mariachis at train depot
     Tequila Express train--VIDEO--mariachis at Herradura Estate
Guanajuato--Here and There
     VIDEO--Scenic Overlook
Mazatlan--Here and There
Mexico City--Here and There
     Metropolitan Cathedral/Catedral Metropolitana--VIDEO--noon bells
Puerto Vallarta--Here and There
     5 Grand Resorts
     Punta Mita
Riviera Maya--Here and There
     Coba--VIDEO--bumpy ride by bicycle taxi
     Coba--VIDEO--climbing pyramid
     Coba--VIDEO--Maya ball game winner's ceremony
     Coba--VIDEO--Maya performance in dry cenote
     VIDEO--swallows flying in circles in Yucatan cenote
     Playa del Carmen
          Blue Diamond--VIDEO--mariachis lunch performance
          The Royal--VIDEO--why people don't get sick here
          Viceroy--VIDEO--beachfront room
          Xcaret--VIDEO--Mexican drummers in evening folklore show
          Yaxche--VIDEO--flaming Maya coffee
        archaeological site-VIDEO
San Blas--Here and There
San Miguel de Allende--Here and There

flag-New ZealandNEW ZEALAND
Holland American Cruise  (free login required)

Here and There
To Machu Picchu

Here and There

Paradors--Spend the Night in a Museum

Maienfeld--Hike to Heidi's Hut--fairytales can come true

Here and There
8 reasons to fall in love with Taiwan
     changing of the guards at National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall,Taipei--VIDEO
Yuchi Township
     river in Taroko Gorge National Park, Hualien--VIDEO
     fountain at Wenwu Temple, Sun Moon Lake--VIDEO
     Dageeli Tribe Restaurant, Hualien--VIDEO
     Taiwan Lantern Festival--VIDEO
     Taiwanese ice cream game at Chun restaurant, Yilan--VIDEO

Here and There
VIDEO--elephant painting and munching
     VIDEO--Thai food vendor mixing green crepe dough
     VIDEO--Thai food vendor making green crepes
Bangkok--Here and There
     Temple of Reclining Buddha--VIDEO--dropping coins in bowls
     Wat Po Temple--Thai massage at traditional school
     VIDEO--Thai kickboxing fight dance
     VIDEO--Thai puppetry show
Chiang Mai--Here and There
     VIDEO--morning market
     VIDEO--novice monks receive morning offering
Phuket--Here and There
     VIDEO--approaching the scene at James Bond Island
     VIDEO--cashew factory
     VIDEO--how to ream a coconut

flag-Trinidad and TobagoTRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
10 reasons to love Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad--Here and There
     Cafe Mariposa--VIDEO--hummingbirds galore
     Cafe Mariposa--VIDEO--hummingbirds share feeder with bee
     Cafe Mariposa--VIDEO--singing chefs serenade diners after lunch
     VIDEO--In Trinidad they drive on the left except when they don't
     VIDEO--Invaders steel pan orchestra performs
     VIDEO--Invaders steel pan orchestra performs "Stand by Me"
     VIDEO--Kwesi Paul plays the pan in Trinidad
     VIDEO--limber limbo dancers cavorting under stick
     VIDEO--amazing limber limbo dancer passes under a burning stick
     VIDEO--limber limbo dancers using bodies as stick
     VIDEO--two drummers entertain
Tobago--Here and There
     VIDEO--Tobago drummers and stick dancers

Three Sights to Savour
Portmeiron--Pretty Gardens, Pottery, and “The Prisoner”

Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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