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●Enjoy a short, scenic boat ride over, then wander the prison cell blocks at Alcatraz

●Stroll through Chinatown and lunch in one of the old-time, curtain-enclosed booths at Far East Cafe

●Climb all over the collection of historical vessels moored at Hyde Street Pier

●Sightsee aboard a bright-red 1955 Mack fire engine

●Have fun and learn about science at the same time at the cavernous Exploratorium

●Take a whirl on an antique carousel in Golden Gate Park, then frolic for a while at adjacent Koret Children's Quarter playground --the first public playground in a U.S. park

●Get a great kid's meal served in a cardboard classic car and play an oldie but goodie for two bits on a mini-jukebox at Mel's Drive-In (did you know jukeboxes were invented in San Francisco in 1888?)

●Spend an afternoon at the San Francisco Zoo , which has a special Children's Zoo and another antique carousel

●Watch the bakers at Boudin at the Wharf make this famous sourdough bread, then purchase a souvenir loaf  in the shape of a darling little turtle or alligator

●Stuff yourself with the best ice cream sundae ever at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Manufactory in Ghirardelli Square

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